The Best Way to Travel to Palm Cove from Cairns Airport

The holidays are fast approaching and a lot of people are busy making plans or busy preparing for trips they have booked in advance. If you plan to visit Queensland during the holidays, visiting Palm Cove is a fabulous idea for your holiday to be more memorable. However,  local transfers and commuting become big issues if you decide to visit at the last minute. Either the place you have booked your stay is charging exorbitant rates or the taxi you tried hired outside the airport provided some rubbish service. For such cases, it is best to book a reliable transport system in advance to avoid any last-minute glitches. For instance, Cairns to Palm Cove transfers would be fairly comfortable when you use a tried and tested transport system, allowing you to enjoy your holidays without worry.

cairns to Palm Cove transfers

Transparent Prices Based on the Number of Persons Travelling

Regular cars normally carry up to 4 passengers within a fixed fare. All you need to do is book in advance for transfers Cairns to Palm Cove by a reputable transport company. When you arrive at Cairns airport, the driver from the company will be waiting with a placard so you could identify which vehicle will take you to Palm Cove. This arrangement is also done in such a way that the driver is situated near the baggage collection area so that passengers are easily accommodated. If more than one person has to travel by the same vehicle, then all passengers have to locate and reach the vehicle so that the transfer can start instead of having to wait longer.

Read Terms & Conditions 

If you are travelling from Cairns to Palm Cove for the very first time and are not familiar with how the transfers from Cairns to Palm Cove are handled by operators, you should go through the terms and conditions carefully. These will cover the terms for payment by the passengers and the terms for refunds in case of cancellations or if the company fails to provide the vehicle. The service providers will have specific directions on the requirements for the passengers to stick to the timings for the Cairns to Palm Cove transfers as well as for the pickup trip back to Cairns airport. There are also additional charges being collected from the transfer passengers if there is excess baggage.

You will also be briefed that taxi operators are not allowed to consume any alcoholic beverage and smoke when inside the cars. This will ensure your safety during the transfer. Besides the small and medium sized cars used for Cairns to Palm Cove transfers, there are bigger vehicles also on offer. The fare for the journeys are quoted per passenger basis, and if you are travelling for the holiday in Palm Cove as a group, you might be able to get better prices. For much larger groups, the arrangements would be totally different.

There are also transport companies that offer charter tours in addition to transfers from the airport to the resort and vice versa. This way, you can relax more during your holiday and enjoy the sights and sounds of Palm Cove.

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