How to boost energy savings using residential skylights

Plenty of Australian homes have skylights installed on their roofs. Skylights provide natural lighting to a home, making it look brighter and more spacious. Additionally, they also improve the ventilation of a room by letting fresh air in. And although Velux skylight cost can be quite expensive, the energy savings that you get from it make it worth the price.

If you’re thinking of installing skylights in your home, then you’ll be making a wise decision. Here’s how you can calculate the possible energy savings from skylights:

How to calculate energy savings from skylights?

  1. Determine the energy cost from electric lighting

​The first step is to assess how much you’re spending on electric lighting. You can do this by gathering your electric bills from the past few months. You can also take note of the wattage of your fixtures and the number of hours you turn them on.

  1. Determine the cost of HVAC

​Heating, ventilation, and airconditioning (HVAC) cost also takes up a significant portion of your monthly energy consumption. The fixtures in your home generate heat, thereby requiring constant air-conditioning to maintain suitable room temperature. Take note of what type of fixtures you have and how long you use them.

  1. Know the type of skylight you want to install

​The type of skylight that you will install in your home also affects your energy savings. There are certain types that are openable, allowing more light, heat, and air in. There are also fixed types that cannot be opened. Various types of Velux skylight cost differently as well, so it’s important to consider that, too.

Why are skylights energy-efficient?

Aside from improving aesthetics of a house, one of the reasons why homeowners buy skylight windows is their energy efficiency. Here are the reasons why skylights help you save more on your monthly energy bills:

Adds natural lighting and heating

The top reason why skylights save energy is that they allow sunlight and heat in your home. During sunny days, you won’t have to turn on your lights or the heating system. Natural light is also known to improve your overall mood, especially during the winter season.

Improves ventilation and air quality

Openable skylights allow more fresh air to enter your home, improving the quality of air inside. It prevents the stuffy feeling of having a closed room while also cooling it down without the use of an air conditioner. You can buy Velux windows online with insect screens to prevent bugs from entering your home.

Increases real estate value

Do you know that installing a skylight can significantly increase your home’s real estate value? The added aesthetics and the energy-saving factor will add equity to your home if you ever decide to sell it. And, while a Velux skylight cost is hefty, you’ll surely get your return of investment in the end.

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